5 SEO Groups You Need to Follow On Facebook

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing field. There are new rules coming out all the time and some of the oldest methods may be going away. Therefore, business owners need to follow Facebook companies who will give them reliable data that can help them make informed decisions. Here are 10 Facebook sites, you need to follow.

Search Engine Land brings readers reliable news on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. About 15 percent of all online marketing companies regularly follow this news site.

SEOmozx offers great insight into new techniques and strategies. This page often takes the news and shows how to apply it in meaningful ways.

SEObook is mainly filled with editors who love to share their opinions with others. Much of the information from this group is strategy based, so you may get some great ideas on what will meet your needs the best.

Search Engine Roundup offers interesting SEO topics from across the web. Many of them are roundups of other articles that you need to take time to read but may have no idea how to locate.

Search Engine Journal brings interesting case studies from around the web and gathers them all in one place. The great news is that there is usually not much commentary, so you are left to draw your own conclusions.